The thought circle

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The mind is like a database, a collection of experiences. A database of thoughts. A collection of things we have seen, heard and experienced. Those thoughts repeat all the time.. its a circle.. You can observe and investigate it in yourself. You can become aware of what is going on in your mind.

You can observe the limitation

Try to step out of the circle! You will find and see a kind of safety nets: „Its not possible, because…“

Is it what you want? Is it what suits you? Is it what you feel? Is it what you want for you and your life?

Or is it just a program, thats repeats itself all the time in your head?

Filipino oversea workers

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She said: „But im a filipino, im strong!“ I started to cry again. I couldnt keep it by my self. It touched me in the deepest corner of my being. It was not the one sentence i cried about. It was an entire reality, an entire informationfield behind those words. Suppression…
What the forces behind the scenes are doing here with our brothers and sisters is not okay! I do not accept it any longer.