The thought circle

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Since two month im in the philippines. Its not my first time here in this beautiful place. Its even not my first time to travel through or around the world. I already visited several countries in the world and during all those journeys, during all those years, i talked to hundreds, thousands of humans. Hundreds of humans of all ages and backrounds. We all have different destinies and stories, but..

There are several things we all have in common. One thing is that we have a very limited mind. We still have a very limited way of thinking. Still… but it is changing. It will change. It is already changing.

„I have no choice“

„I have to do that“

„Life is like that“

„I dont like what i do, but i have to do it“

„I have no choice“

“We have to hope, to wait, to pray”

„Life is hard and unfair, but we cant change it“

„What should we do, we cant change it“

7 billion people think they have no choice. 7 billion people think they cant change anything…

Thats not the truth, thats a thought. Thats only a thought. Thats a thought we have accpeted. We accepted that kind of thought… Its not longer neccessary to accept it.

We are 7 billion humans! We are 7 billion people with the right of free life!

What is „thinking“

Everything what we ever experienced, everything what we ever have seen, heard or learned, everything what somebody told us… teachers, family, friends, neighboors, the media, the governemnts, religions…

It builds a collection of thoughts.

They all told us what is okay and what is not okay. They all told us what is good and what is not good. They all talk about what is good for us and what is not good for us. They let us know what they expect from us… People and the society expecting a lot…

We learned a lot in school and in the media but is it all true? Is that all important for life? Is that important for our life? Is that who we are? With all those signals from the outside we builded an inner image about us and the world we are living in.

What we think, will happen. What we as a humanity think, will happen, but… Is it what we want? Is what we currently think, even what we want?

Is it what we feel? What do you feel?

The mind is like a database, a collection of experiences. A database of thoughts. A collection of things we have seen, heard and experienced. Those thoughts repeat all the time.. its a circle.. You can observe and investigate it in yourself. You can become aware of what is going on in your mind.

You can observe the limitation

Try to step out of the circle! You will find and see a kind of safety nets: „Its not possible, because…“

Is it what you want? Is it what suits you? Is it what you feel? Is it what you want for you and your life?

Or is it just a programm, thats repeats itself all the time in the head?

What is, when we step out of the circle? What will happen if we step out of the circle and start to think different and act different? What will happen, if we start to feel? What will happen, if we realy start to feel and act and think based on our deepest feeling?

What if we start to listen to each other? If we realy start to realy listen to each other? Not just to hear and react, but realy to feel what the other is saying? Can we feel what other people say? Can we feel them? What will happen, if we start to feel each other?

What if we start to accept and respect each other?

What if we start to accept the decisions of each other?

What if we start to trust each other?

What if we start to trust ourselves and our own feelings?

What will happen, if we give each other realy space to speak our truth?

What will happen, if we give each other space to share our feelings?

What will happen if we realy get in contact with ourselves and realy start to follow our hearts?

Fellow human, everything is possible and you can take the lead in your life! You are here to take the lead in your life!

What do you realy want? What do you realy feel? What is your vision for your life? And what is your vision for a new world?

Do you want a change? Do you want to try something new? Do you want that new possibilities will open up for you and in your life?

Just put your hand on your heart and feel the pounding in your chest. That will change more, as you maybe can imagine…

Everything starts in us… Start to feel yourself. Start to experience yourself in a new way.

What happens in and to you, when you put your hand for a few minutes on your heart and you just feel your heart and yourself.

Its time for peace, freedom and equality. Its time to take the lead and its time to take action. Its time to trust yourself. Its time to get in contact with who we realy are!

Lets feel and free ourselves. Lets feel and free ourselves and with that free the world.

Emotions are the origin language.

Kevin Manke

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