Filipino oversea workers

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My cosmic diary…

Im in the philippines and after a one hour van-ride i met a filipina. A woman from the philippines. We met for a coffe and.. I just felt we have to meet, i just felt i want to ask her for a coffe. She agreed and a few days later we met.

For me it was possible to combine several things i realy like. Several things what brings me a lot of joy: Traveling and an hour bus ride, exploring a new place and meeting humans with different backrounds, destinies and stories!

Lets have a ride, a walk and a talk!

First i thought its a just usual meetup with a coffe and get to know each other, but already after a very short time and a few exchanged sentences i realized and felt: Today we go deep. Deep in a certain field. Deep into a special subject that concern the philippines and many filiponos and filipinas.

After 10 minutes i had the first tears in the eyes and felt a range of emotions inside myself. Time to breathe, feel myself and all those fields i already touched.

Filipno oversea workers.

Several times i already heard about it. After today i have an more filled picture of it.

I just came back from the meetup and what i already during the meeting felt was: I will write and talk about it. Not to change the world or rescue somebody, all i want is, that it is seen! And of course, i know about the force of perception, quantum perception, the ability we as a humanity have!

Everything what is seen, will change. Only the hidden, ignored and denied can have power over us. When i say us, i talk about us as one humanity, as one civilisiation, as one big family of humans living on this planet!

What we observe and feel will change. Theres no doubt about it. Theres no way around it!

Today, we’ll make that field here visible and experienceable for everybody. Lets bring perception and consciousness in those fields.

I invite you to feel yourself, the connection with yourself and turn-on your powerful perception.

She even agreed when i told here about my feeling, the idea to write and share something about the situation. It realy touched me and it moved me deeply.

She’s single mother of four children and life in the philippines isnt that easy. From my central-europe view i can say: The philippines are on the other side of the world and it is a different world. Different as we know from central europe for example.

An usual daily income is here from 100 or less pesos to maybe 600 Pesos a day. 500 Pesos are 8,50€ Euros or 10$ Dollars. Most of them lives with 2 or 3 Euros a day and that isnt easy. Theres not a lot possible. An high monthly income is already 240 Euro. Just that you have some numbers to imagine with. Theres no government support like hartz4 in germany.

There are ways but its not that easy to earn enough money and care about you and your family here. So there is the one way, i want to talk about now: Oversea workers. Filipinos where work abroad. Work and earn money abroad, send it home and not being able to see their families for a certain/long time.

In that case, she worked already for two years in dubai and for two years in saudi arabia as a houskeeper. Working those two years abroad means in that case, 20 working hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. No breaks, no holidays and not allowed to go outside. Four hours a day of sleep. She cares about the laundry, the food, the house, the children, the… everything. The girl for everything.

For that you get 20.000 Pesos a month. 340 Euro. That money she sends home to feed the children and the family.

It realy touched me. I asked her how she feels, by thinking about to leave next month again for the next two-year-job in hongkong. I felt an deep emotional pain inside myself. Her eyes changed. Wet eyes. Cant see their children, family and friends for two years. Im not a mother, but what i felt today hurts me in the deepest possible way.

I felt pain, emotional fields inside myself. Also right now i feel a deep emotional pain inside myself. Im cyring while typing this lines. I feel myself and im present in all those fields. I know we are already working inside those fields and frequencies.

She said: „But im a filipino, im strong!“ I started to cry again. I couldnt keep it by my self. It touched me in the deepest corner of my being. It was not the one sentence i cried about. It was an entire reality, an entire informationfield behind those words. Suppression… What the forces behind the scenes are doing here with our brothers and sisters is not okay! I do not accept it any longer.

it’s not okay that this exists in the world!

What i feel is emotional pain, anger, sadness…The red line has been crossed. What i even feel is to talk and write about it. I feel that it is necessary to make it visible.

Theres no judgment, but.. Its time to bring attention, perception and consciousness to all those places, in all those fields everywhere in the world!

What do you feel, observe and experience in yourself while reading those lines?

If we see and feel the imbalances of the world in us, its already changing in the outside. Thats qantum phyisics. Thats the way, the force is working! We customize the reality within us!

A last word i want to say about the philppines: What a beautiful place on earth and still so many warm, friendly and hospitable humans.. Even if it is challenging, i love being here ❤️

Kevin Manke

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